R-Inspecscopy is developed for measuring reflective object. Single Image Reconstruction Digital Holography algorithm, which is our company’s individual software, is embedded in R-Inspecscopy. R-Inspecscopy is designed with optimized hardware system for better lateral and longitudinal (axial) accuracies. Also, possible to customize the R-Inspecscopy in various types, and provide optimized products to our customers.

Main features and strengths

Minimize hardware volume
Minimize noise &
optical aberrations
Single image &
3D reconstruction
Parallel processing
using GPU
Customize hardware system
High precision
(Sub nano)
Robust system
Real-time processing
(Under 0.1 sec)
No pre-process

Product specifications

Models NR-INS5 NR-INS20 NR-INS50 NR-INS100
Light source Single wavelength LASER
Pixel size 7.4μm
Objective lens 5x NA 0.14 20x NA 0.29 50x NA 0.42 100x NA 0.55
Axial resolution 2.47nm (Theoretical)
Field of view 3.0mm x 3.0mm 0.76mm x 0.76mm 0.3mm x 0.3mm 0.15mm x 0.15mm
Working distance 34mm 20mm 13mm 6mm
Bit depth 8-bits
Imaging speed 15 fps (Max. 50 fps)
Sample preparation No labeling
Output data 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, Hologram analyze data

The specifications mentioned above can be changed according to the customer's request.
If you would like a customized specification, please contact contact@naeilhae.com


  • Display panel inspection
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Steel inspection
  • Reflective components analysis