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We are living in nano-technology era. Core components of super-precision industries such as display panel, semiconductor and micro-lens are constantly getting smaller. Due to this, there are a number of micro-defects that are not seen. Manufacturers are using 2D optical microscope to detect defects. However, conventional 2D optical microscope can detect only lateral defects. Defects in longitudinal direction or refractive-index error are not detectable. Because of these issues, production yield rate in some super-precision industries is very low.

For example, average production yield rate of OLED panel manufacturers is 30%. In case of major company, which leads the OLED industry, production yield rate of OLED panel is still only 80 % (given that conventional LCD panels are 97 % product-low). We are built up to solve the problem of longitudinal defect detection in the super-precision industries! We constantly checked specifications of equipment required by the market and develop Inspecscopy which is a converging technology of digital holography and digital imaging process. NAEILHAE are creating the 3D measuring equipment, Inspecscopy with optics, holography, digital image processing, deep-learning experts and we will create a company that will satisfy our customers!